InterPro is a leading global provider of business process outsourcing services. We deliver transcription services, contact center solutions, document management, enterprise portal development, employer services, medical revenue lifecycle support, and technology development and support.

InterPro partners with each of our clients to achieve three goals: to satisfy the needs of their end-customers, to streamline their processes and to improve their profitability, but we recognize that one company cannot be all things to all industries. To truly partner with customers, a company has to develop an expertise in their market sectors - to know what works and what doesn't, what is effective and what is possible.

That is what we do. Where other firms research industries from a distance, InterPro steps right into your world. Through partnerships and selective recruitment, we have built teams of experienced industry professionals in the Medical and Financial Services industries - talented people with reputations for excellent work and a desire to become part of a quality team. These teams focus their talents and industry expertise to quickly achieve the goals of our clients.

Through these industry professionals, we already have a view of our clients industries from the inside. We see the opportunities that our clients see, and feel the pain that the industry feels. We know where our clients want to go, and develop ways to help them get there.

We know how efficient processes, quality service, and collaboration can reduce costs and help generate the innovations customers demand. When our customers have a sharp focus on their core functions, outsourcing routine business functions to a partner like InterPro, they almost always find themselves able to develop winning strategies and products. When customers meet the needs of their customers, they increase revenues. When customers create efficiencies will well-designed, well-executed processes, they enhance productivity. And when customers make the most of internal resources, they reduce expenses.