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Title-24hour development cycle

When reducing time to market or getting a project schedule back on track is a fundamental driver for your business, InterPro is ready to assist you with a 16 or 24 hour development cycle. Through the use of onsite and offshore resources, InterPro can help your organization to create a continuous work cycle to speed the completion of your project.

Maintaining a continuous work schedule is not as simple as having the resources available around the globe. It is also imperative that a mature, managed communication standard is in place to ensure that just-in-time information and files are available to all team members and that regular status calls and reports are in place.

InterPro is experienced at making extended work cycles efficient and productive. Our team can use extended work cycles to help your organization:

  • Utilize InterPro�s global resources, implementing a 16 or 24 hour work cycle;

  • Keep your extended team on track and productive;

  • Implementing configuration management to ensure current code and documentation status is managed;

  • Ensure the technical infrastructure for your project supports secure, remote sharing of data and software; and

  • Reduce your time to market.



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