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Title-eProduct Development

InterPro provides technology services specifically designed to make an organization more competitive and profitable. It provides two types of technology support:

  • eProduct Development � The design and development of products and services that directly support an organization�s business needs; and

  • Technical Support � The ongoing support of technology infrastructure, applications and users to deliver reliable services and gain ongoing efficiencies and cost savings.


InterPro eProduct Development services recognize that technology isn�t just an efficiency tool, it can also be a valuable revenue generator. InterPro can take your great idea and turn it into a product that you can deliver to your customers. We�ll even help you support the product once it�s live.

InterPro can save your organization money by reducing time to market, through tightly controlled project management, optional iterative release design and development, and an optional 24-hour development cycle. InterPro�s onsite/offshore model, delivered by its Strategic Partner MegaSoft also allows you to benefit from considerable cost savings over many in-house and onshore options while gaining the benefit of our SEI CMM Level 4 assessed ISO 9001 certified operation.




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eProduct development
- rapid release implementation
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- 24-hour development cycle
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