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Regardless of what industry you are in, the InterPro IT team can build successful solutions for your business. In the Healthcare and Insurance industries, however, we have developed specialized expertise and teams of knowledgeable resources to meet the particular demands of these businesses.

We have compiled this expertise both by hiring professionals with real-world experience in these fields and through an extensive network of practicing doctors and insurance professionals. This expertise is especially meaningful during the Problem Statement, Requirements, Analysis and Design phases of Custom Development projects, where we can help you innovate and streamline while avoiding the hidden pitfalls.


InterPro recognizes that all aspects of the healthcare industry, including systems and technology, must support the goal of superior patient care. We deliver proven technologies to achieve accurate Dictation and Transcription, Billing and Coding,and Records Management. In addition, we have experience implementing custom solutions for managing patient data for hospitals and supporting clinical trials.

InterPro provides technology enabled solutions for over 30 hospitals across the US. Through our strategic partner MegaSoft, InterPro also provides services and solutions for pharmaceuticals, healthcare, biotech and medical device companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Novartis, Radpharm, Abbott labs and DePuy.


Supported by analysts and experts with real-world experience, InterPro has developed solutions at the forefront of the Insurance industry�s move toward more on-demand information and tools and streamlined data gathering in the field.

Examples of these solutions include a user friendly, web-enabled marketing kit which perfectly fits the needs of the new breed of sophisticated, computer savvy insurance advisor; a mobile device that assists insurance advisors in the field to collect data from prospects and generate an immediate illustrative report; and a hub and spoke solution that connects brokers and carriers through a single, ACORD standards-based solution.



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