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Title-Rapid release Implementation

InterPro understands that technology initiatives, whether internal or directly targeted to your customers, add value only once they are tested and fully implemented. We have been working with customers for nearly a decade, and have the experience to apply design and development methodology ideally suited to your specific business needs. When reduced time to market is key, InterPro is able to adapt our design and development schedule to meet that need.

Here's what you can expect from InterPro's Rapid Release Implementation approach:

  • A considered analysis by your business owners and the InterPro team to determine the minimum functionality required of a release;

  • Meeting the short-term goal of rapid time to market and the long-term goal of full functionality and robust system capabilities;

  • Correctly estimating the effort and time required to design, develop, test, and release each planned iterative release;

  • Tightly managing the project team to ensure on time delivery and mitigate risks; and

  • Utilizing some or all of InterPro�s optional 24-hour development cycle.



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