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Title-IT expertise areas

Our consultants have experience with a broad array of programming languages and application development tools, constantly improved upon at our state-of-the-art Centers of Excellence in India. They specialize in a variety of database management systems, Windows applications and data communication monitors, which operate in a wide range of hardware environments.

Our Centers of Excellence foster the creation of global and virtual teams, supported by an advanced communication infrastructure that enables technical experts from multiple locations to work seamlessly and simultaneously. These Centers are supported by quality processes and tools that ensure an uptime of over 99 percent, which accelerating software development schedules and reduces costs.

Expertise Areas include:

  • Emerging and Internet-Web Technologies

  • Legacy Applications

  • Enterprise-Wide Solutions

  • Client/Server and Other Applications

  • Networks and System Integration

InterPro�s Current Centers of Excellence:



customer contact center
document management
employer services
eProduct development
- rapid release implementation
- industry specific analysis
- custom development
- systems integration
- user focused design & testing
- program & project mgmt
- ongoing support
- IT expertise areas
- 24-hour development cycle
technical support
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