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Title-database dev & maint

InterPro will assist you in ensuring that your databases are well designed, secure, and properly managed. Our team implements custom database solutions as part of our Document Management solutions , Healthcare Records Management solutions , custom developed solutions , and systems integration projects . Our team can also perform ongoing maintenance services to ensure the health of your data stores.


  • User account management
  • Monitoring alert logs, backup logs and database for errors
  • Installing upgrades and patches
  • Cleaning up file systems
  • Conducting database and system uptime reporting
  • Monitoring automated Analyze routines and Pinning routines




customer contact center
document management
employer services
eProduct development
technical support
- IT strategy for business
- application maint
- database dev & maint
- network security & maint
- staffing & recruitment
- documentation maint
- tech & user help desk
- CRM services
- IT program audit
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