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Title-network security & maint

Even in the best job markets, recruiting IT professionals can be a time consuming and costly exercise. Finding candidates who meet the technical requirements of the position you need to fill is rarely easy, particularly when that specific expertise does not currently exist within the organization.

InterPro can locate qualified applicants and screen them for practical experience before time is required of your resources. We can also provide short- or long-term temporary staffing solutions to meet peaks in resource requirements, provide system administration support , or manage special projects, like system migrations or integrations.

InterPro can extend the capabilities of your IT department three ways:

  • Outsourced, ongoing support, managed by InterPro ;
  • Temporary placement of technical resources within your organization, under your management; and
  • Recruitment services for permanent placement of technical resources within your organization, under your management.

InterPro also provides general staffing services for healthcare business offices in the US and for business in India .




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