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Title-documentation maintenance

InterPro Contact Center Solutions and InterPro Technology Support resources combine to create a cost-effective, professional help desk solution for your internal employees and partners or your external customers. From non-technical users to support for technical professionals supporting your software product, InterPro can manage all of your help desk needs, and InterPro global operations allow us to provide support during extended, after-business hours.

Our Technical Help Desk Services will assist you in building streamlined IT support infrastructure. These services range from consolidating current IT help desks to developing and supporting web-enabled chat and email support .

User Support

InterPro Contact Center agents are trained to provide support to users of web and PC applications. We can reduce the cost of these services by using non-developers to handle basic navigation and troubleshooting support. More complex problems are escalated to technically trained systems experts, ensuring a depth of support when needed.

Application Support

Our employees have years of experience in remote maintenance of mainframe and Client/Server applications through our facilities in the U.S. and/or India.

InterPro will provide Level 1 support for those software fixes requiring resolution in eight hours or less at your location or remotely, per your preference. Level 2 and 3 support-software fixes requiring resolution in eight to 24 hours and issues requiring resolution in the next iterative release, are managed offsite at InterPro's facility.




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